More guests in your Airbnb

Take right photos to increase number of Airbnb guests

You must have undergone many articles where you have got tips for how to increase the rate of your bookings. Most of them have put stress on the fact that the photos that you post in your listing play an important role. Guests while browse through the property should like the photos. If the quality of the photos are of low quality then it is obvious that guest will not love your property even if its super.

That is why Airbnb gives a free photo shoot offer for new hosts at different place. Once you get registered check out if you are eligible. Even if you are not, do not worry, here are tips on how you can take high quality photos and post them in your listings.

Tip #1: Cleanup your home

Yeah! It’s basic but before you start the photo shoot makes sure everything is clean. A dirty plate at the corner of the room may also be noticed by a potential guest. Thus be careful, Guest do not like dirty toilet seat or kitchen rack. So, take out time and clean everything and make them sparkling before clicking for the first time.

Tip #2: Let the sun shine In

Light [plays important part in photo shoot and natural light can make things look brighter. Do not shoot your pictures at night. Shoot them during day with natural light. Remove curtains and let sunshine come in. you should be careful about focusing the camera light.

Tip #3: Shoot your space with angles in landscape mode

You can shoot the rooms flat but they will not look attractive. Instead shoot the spaces in angles, this way you will get a broader range for the space and also give the photo a 3D effect. Actually, when you shoot flat the space looks smaller and it is not appealing to the guests.

You also need to check the resolution of your camera. The higher the better and it should be at least 1024 x 683 pixels. Always go for landscape format as vertical photos don’t look good at Airbnb.

Tip #4: Shoot several photos & use the good ones

Being in digital age has its own advantage. You can shoot as many photos as you want and then pick the ones that are most attractive. For every angle you can take numerous photos. After photo shoot is complete go and check them in your computer. Pick the one that soothes the eyes most. Rest can be deleted.

Tip #5: Highlight the uniqueness of your space

There are so many Airbnb options then why should a guest come to you? Try to highlight your uniqueness in your photos. Like if there is a great sunset view from any of the balcony, then take it and post it. Guests will like to enjoy that. Whatever unique feature your property had, try to highlight that.

Along with all this if possible take some images of the locality where your Airbnb is. This will make the guest understand how beautiful it is.

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